Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sun - Nature's Preparedness Tool

How much fuel can you store?
Preparedness-minded people have set aside food, but struggle with the issue of how to safely store enough fuel and rotate it to keep it fresh. Many people plan to use propane, butane, and kerosene fuels for cooking and heating water in case of emergencies, but then find they can void their homeowner’s insurance if they store too much fuel or they put the family they are trying to protect at risk of explosion.

What do I do when fuel runs out?
It's very easy to imagine shortages of all fuels, including gasoline and diesel, even as a temporary condition. In the event of a long term emergency, there is a good chance of running out of fuel and not being able to find a source.

Use the sun when it shines!
Using a Sun Oven on sunny days decreases the amount of fuel which needs to be stored. Sun Ovens can be used year around on sunny days. In most of Utah, a Sun Oven can cook up to 60% of a family’s meals. A SUN OVEN is the Ultimate Solar Appliance. The sun can be harnessed to bake, boil, or steam foods and to pasteurize water. Food cooks at 360º to 400º with the power of the sun.

In addition to cooking, a Sun Oven can help with food storage preparation when used as a solar dehydrator. Drinking water can be boiled or pasteurized and water can be heated to do the dishes.

A preparedness item that pays for itself
Buying what is needed to be prepared can put a strain on a family’s budget. Many preparedness-minded families have found that their Sun Oven quickly pays for itself by reducing their utility bills and the cost of restaurant meals. Many people do not cook or bake on hot days for fear of heating up the house. A Sun Oven enables cooking on hot summer days by keeping the heat from the cooking outside. Rocky Mountain Power estimates that 11.5% of the electricity used in each home in Utah is used for cooking and 29.6% is used for air conditioning. The energy wasted when cooking indoors is more than what's used on the stovetop or in the oven. In the summer, additional energy is often required to cool down the rest of the house, which can get heated up by cooking in the kitchen. When you use a Sun Oven the heat stays outdoors, saving energy costs while benefiting the environment.

SUN OVEN Cooking Essentials Seminar
An increasing number of families have obtained a SUN OVEN to have on hand in the event of an emergency and have been pleasantly surprised by the improved taste of sun cooked foods and the lifestyle advantages of cooking with the sun. Paul Munsen, of SUN OVENS International, will teach on how to harness the power of the sun to bake, boil, and steam foods. He will show how practical and easy it is to cook in a SUN OVEN and discuss the many economic, health, and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.

Learn how to never have to worry about burning dinner again. Discover how to use a SUN OVEN to naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables, and enhance winter sprouting. Find out how to reduce your utility bills and the amount of fuel you need to store for emergency preparedness. while helping families in deforested developing counties around the world. 

As part of National Preparedness Month a series of free SUN OVEN Cooking Essentials Seminars will be offered during September throughout Utah. For a list of locations dates and times visit: